In the year 2011 we collected data via a survey. The data selection was based on a random selection where 50 % where self-employed and 50 % others (not self-employed in prime working age). The aim was to increase the number of self-employed in the data, making it possible to investigate subgroups of self-employed. With the data it is possible to do various analysis of different kinds of self-employed — for example comparing self-employed who wants to be self-employed and necessary self-employed. Clicking on the link below you can see the questions in the survey. Unfortunately we are not allowed to publish the data.

We sent out one survey to men and another to women — the questionary below is the one we sent out to men. The difference between the survey we sent to men and the one we sent to women is about question 42 (an instrument to measure values in accordance with the Schwartz-scale). In the one sent out to men the questions includes the word he (han). In the one we sent to women it is instead she (hon).

Survey — self-employed (in Swedish)