Emacs — how I use it

I use Emacs — every day. Emacs is a text editor that is complex, in fact so complex that it is more of an environment. It is in general an environment for programming. So why do I use Emacs? I am not a programmer, I am a social scientist. Well, I originally used Emacs as an environment to program i R, and doing statistics. I rather soon found out that it can be configured. I started to use org-mode as a note taker. Later on I started to use org-mode as a calendar and as planning tool for my work.

Somewhat later I started to use Emacs when writing in latex, and why not markdown (which I use rather seldom since org-mode is so much better). I discovered mu4e, which handles e-mails inside Emacs. By the way, I use Emacs as a file manager. In fact — I use Emacs for almost everything I do on my computer, except web browsing. I even use Emacs to do my presentations, via ox-reveal.

For me Emacs is super effective, not just to do statistics in R, but to handle e-mails and organizing my work in general. Would I recommend Emacs for other social scientist? Probably not. Not because it is bad, but because I seldom recommend programs — but also that I don’t think the kind of work flow I have suits everyone. But I don’t know, so I have decided to write about my set up and what Emacs allows me to do. If you are impatient you can check out my config file here.

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